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Bekhma Travel effectively manages the travel expenses

For the corporate business traveler, Bekhma Travel provides the best of staff travel management by reducing his/her time and money. Bekhma Travel effectively manages the travel expenses of the corporate company. Earlier, the corporate companies had to book through offline travel agencies, this self-booking online tool Bekhma Travel is able to provide corporate travelers with several options. Now the corporate companies are required to shift to this online medium and only then, they can avail all the benefits.

Business travelers can take advantage of complimentary onboard meals and free seat selection on all the major airlines. Employees can book flights on Bekhma Travel by paying through the centralized company payment or monthly billing or contacting directly.

The process of booking flights for a corporate company and its staff is streamlined by Bekhma Travel. Business travel arrangements for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are made convenient as the Bekhma Travel web application keeps a comprehensive report on the financial controls of any company. By booking through the Bekhma Travel web application, business travelers can also save a lot of time with automated approvals.



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